Content Update 10/10/23


Hope you’re having fun challenging your friends in the new game mode released – Friendly Brawls. Please note using UNLEASH will now also upgrade the equipped stones’ level to max.

The PLATINUM MINNIE has arrived to the Arena- Participate in the The Sensational Six Damage Leaderboard Contest , earn points by dealing damage with Sensational Six Characters in Campaigns & PVP Arena and climb the ranks to earn exclusive Platinum Minnie Mouse tokens!

The Pirates of the Caribbean Event is ending soon- battle through the event to earn exclusive Will Turner & Cursed Jack Sparrow Tokens! The Haunted Arena Celebration continues with Club Expedition BONUS rewards, earn Haunted Coins from Boss Chests and Treasure Chambers in Club Expedition October 15 – 21

Be sure to login every day in October to collect the Daily Login Calendar rewards. Complete the entire Calendar to earn the PALACE GOWN TIANA OUTFIT on the second last day in October.

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!

10/10 | Tower: King Triton
10/10 | Trials: Galactic Rune Rumble
10/11 | Platinum Minnie: Sensational Six Damage LB
10/11 | Inferno Campaigns – 2x Drop : Gold
10/12 | Hercules: Zero to Hero Event
10/13 | NBC Anniversary Celebration: Oogie Boogie Holiday Event
10/13 | Summoner Showdown- Round 2
10/14 | Tower Event: Gargoyles
10/14 | Trials: Coastal Conflict
10/15 | Raya: Heart and Fang Event
10/16 | Passholder Season 85: Ft. Haunted Villain characters
10/16 | Main Adventures: 2x Drop: Grand Coin

Haunted Arena Celebrations – Free Ad Chest and Gift Drop
Edna Mode – No Capes Event
Sensational Six Part I & II ft.Platinum Mickey