Content Update 1/13/2021

Big Hero 6 event is coming back

King Triton Tower Event is coming back

Sally’s Potent Potions event is coming back

Passholder Season 19 – Gizmoduck


**Character Refreshes**



  • Guaranteed to chain to adjacent target (chance to inflict Offense Down occurs on chain as well).
  • Increased chance to inflict Offense Down by X%.

Special A

  • Critical Chance Up now guaranteed.
  • Now grants Speed Meter to any teammate, doubled on Wilds characters.
  • Now calls the target teammate to use their basic attack on target opponent.

Special B

  • Now guaranteed to convert 1 random Harmful effect on each teammate to Continuous Healing.
  • +1 Harmful effect converted on Wilds teammates.


  • Now guaranteed to activate with a Magic cost of 2.
  • Upgrades that increased chance to activate now increase healing instead.


Shere Khan


  • Now grants Shere Khan Stealth for 1 turn.
  • Bonus damage now caps at 10 Harmful effects.

Special A

  • If Shere Khan has Stealth, Continuous Damage from this attack can’t be resisted.

Special B

  • If Shere Khan has Stealth, this attack can’t be evaded.
  • Bonus damage now caps at 10 Harmful effects.
  • If this attack defeats the target, Shere Khan gains X% Speed Meter.




  • Chance to now repeat the attack per ‘Princess’ teammate.
  • If Empowered, this ability is unavoidable starting at Level 1.

Special A

  • If Empowered, chance to inflict Continuous Damage is guaranteed.

Special B

  • If Empowered, Purge all Helpful effects from target opponent before damage and the attack is unavoidable starting at Level 2.
  • Reduced Magic cost from 6->4 and initial Magic from 4->2. Damage has been decreased to account for this.

Passive A

  • The first time Merida gains 4 Wisps gain Empowered and Guaranteed Crit.
  • Empowered: adds additional properties to all of Merida’s abilities.
  • Gain Bonus Offense per Wisp.




  • Removed chance to inflict Continuous Damage and replaced it with a chance to gain Haste for 2 turns. Chance increased per ‘Wilds’ teammate

Special A: Spirit of the Wolf

  • Grants Speed Meter to primary target. If target is ‘Wilds’, grant Offense Up for 2 turns instead of 1 turn.
  • All teammates adjacent to primary target gain Life Drain at Level 2.
  • ‘Wilds’ teammates adjacent to primary target gain Speed meter at Level 2.

Special B: Colors of the Wind

  • Cleanses 2 Harmful effects from all teammates.
  • Cleanses 2 additional Harmful effects from ‘Wilds’ teammates.
  • Heal all teammates with a bonus heal per Harmful effect cleansed.

Passive A: Spirit of the Deer

  • Guaranteed to activate.
  • Targets teammate with lowest Speed Meter and gives them Speed Meter. If Wilds, target gains Haste.
  • Heals target. If target is at full HP, they gain Evasion.


  • Additional percent bonuses for ‘Wilds Hero’ teammates.