Content Update 09/05/23


The Pirates of the Caribbean Event is ending soon! Last chance to gather your squads to battle and earn exclusive Will Turner & Cursed Jack Sparrow tokens.
Hurry up and unlock these characters to battle against enemies and earn Legendary Captain Barbossa tokens – coming soon to the Pirates of the Caribbean Event!

We’re celebrating Pixar Fest all September! Tangle up your Brave squad, leaving foes Frozen, and journey Onward with 2x token drops. Keep an eye out for more limited time events and rewards celebrating your favorite Pixar characters.

Remember to login every day in September to collect the Daily rewards.


9/05 | Pixar Fest – Lightning McQueen Day
9/05 | Pixar Fest – Daily Gift Drop till 9/11
9/05 | Tower: Rapunzel
9/05 | Gold – Scrooge’s Money Bin Heist
9/06 | Inferno Campaign: 2x Drop: Gear
9/06 | Leaderboard: Lily Houghton
9/07 | Pixar Fest – 2x Drop: Tokens
9/07 | Edna Mode – No Capes Event
9/08 | Summoner Showdown – New Season | Round 1
9/09 | Tower: Hunchback
9/10 | [Raya] Heart and Fang Event
9/10 | Leaderboard: Bruno
9/10 | Pixar Fest – Limited Time Daily Pixar Quests ft. Mike Wazowski till 9/19
9/10 | Pixar Fest: AD Chest (Dad Moves + Wild Imagination + The Claw)
9/11 | Leaderboard: Frank Wolff
9/11 | Main Adventures: 2x Drop: Gear

Minor text changes for Mrs. Incredible’s “Stretch Goals” Ability:
She will now “Inflict Stun on target opponent for 1 turn. 30% Chance to inflict Stun on adjacent opponents for 1 turn.” and  “Cleanse 1 Harmful effect from self” rather than “Purge 1 Harmful effect.”

Fixed a bug where INTIMIDATE prevented some characters and spell from taking an extra turn.
Big Bad Wolf – In Sheep’s Clothing
Emperor Zurg – Zurg Vision
Kida – Spear Vault//Force Of Nature
Moana – Crashing Wave
Scrooge – Curse Me Kilts
ShanYu – Now It’s Your Turn
Wasabi – Green Blades Of Fury
Trigger Tower Spell

To help Will Turner to turn a bit faster – we have made some changes to balance the character.

Base speed increased! At T9, Will’s speed is increased from 121 to 148.
Reduced the number of speed gear pieces from 4 to 1 when going from T9 to T10.

9/14 | Evil Queen Legendary Bundle Sale

9/14 | Event – [Winnie the Pooh] Oh Bother
Re-balanced battles for the following books:
Smackereal Showdown
Bouncing Battle

Coming Soon: PVP battles got more fun with the new Friendly Brawl Mode — Challenge your friends for a friendly PVP battle, experiment with your squad and earn exciting rewards!

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!