Content Update 03/28/24


Hope some of you have been able to get your hands on the happy-go-lucky champion – Pumbaa! The character will be required for the chase towards the upcoming characters from the Lion King IP.

The DSA 4th Anniversary Celebration ends soon with Flash Gift drops at random times till March 31! Participate in activities all month long, collect daily login calendar rewards, complete Daily Quests to earn Anniversary coins, which can be used to open the special Anniversary Packs from the store. Login daily to complete the 24 day Anniversary Calendar and unlock the NEW Sorcerer’s Arena Aladdin Outfit.

With the new month comes the new PvP season featuring Pride Rock environment, Judy Hopps and Robin Hood character tokens from the weekly and seasonal rewards respectively.

Thank you for your continued support, and see you in the Arena!



3/27 | Leaderboard: Ascension Energy
3/27 | Inferno: 2x Drop- Gold
3/28 | Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
3/28 | Summoner Showdown – Round 4
3/30 | Tower Event: Gargoyles
3/30 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
3/30 | Trials: Coastal Conflict
3/30 | Leaderboard: Elizabeth Swann Energy
3/31 | Pirates Of the Caribbean Event
3/31 | Alice in Wonderland: Peculiar Party Event
4/1 | Passholder S96 ft Pumbaa
4/1 | Daily Login Calendar ft Spring Celebration characters
4/1 | Leaderboard: Passholder
4/2 | PvP Season ft. NEW Pride Rock Environment 


Platinum Minnie: Damage Leaderboard
Platinum Event ft Platinum Ariel and Platinum Elsa
Lion King Event ft Timon and Nala