Content update 02/20/24


Valentine’s celebrations end soon – Head to the store for DSA Dynamic Duo Deals and Valentine’s Ad Chest available till February 20!

Upgrade to Gold or Platinum in the latest passholder season ft. Platinum Mickey – required character in upcoming books of the Platinum Event- releasing soon!

Earn  points in Leaderboard – Elizabeth Swann Energy to unlock the character , also required in chase towards Captain Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean Event

Good luck, and see you in the Arena!


2/20 | Tower: Rapunzel
2/20 | Trials: Sally’s Potent Potions
2/21 | Inferno Campaigns – 2x Drop : Gear
2/21 | Leaderboard: Tiana Energy
2/22 | Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event
2/23 | Summoner Showdown – Round 4
2/24 | Tower: Hunchback
2/24 | Trials: Ferocious Face-Off
2/24 | Leaderboard: Inferno Energy
2/25 | Leaderboard: Elizabeth Swann Energy
2/25 | Alice in Wonderland: Peculiar Party Event
2/25 | Pirates Of the Caribbean Event
2/26 | Main Campaigns : 3x Drop- Gear
2/28 | Inferno Campaign : 3x Drop- Gold


Platinum Ariel: A new addition to ‘The platinum’ faction, Platinum Ariel is soon coming to DSA where she will buff her teammates and debuffing her opponents.

Platinum Elsa: The Final addition to ‘The platinum’ faction, The legendary ‘Platinum Elsa’ is coming to DSA and will soon make her presence felt in Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena.

DSA 4th Anniversary Celebrations in March