Content Update 01/31/23


We hope you are enjoying the Inferno Campaign and the new upgrade to our beloved characters.

Please note Winnie the Pooh: Oh Bother Event will continue for an extended duration till 02/08, followed by Lightyear: To Infinity Event

We are celebrating Pixar Anniversary from 02/01 so be sure to check out the store for limited time Anniversary bundles and receive special gifts in your inbox.

Enjoy special deals coming your way – Fantastic Fridays, Weekend Gem sale, Flash Sale and special offers on T7-T8 Gears.

01/31 | Tower: Triton
02/01 | Passholder Season 68 (with T8 Gears and Inferno Energy)
02/01 | New PvP season.
02/01 | Pixar Anniversary Celebration
02/01 | February Daily Login Calendar: ft. Pixar characters
02/02 | Wreck-It Ralph: Hero’s Duty Event (with 2x Drop on Wreck-It Ralph side campaign)
02/03 | Trials: Spectral Standoff
02/04 | Tower: Gargoyles
02/05 | Lightyear: To Infinity Event (extended duration)
02/06 | 2x Drop: Tokens

Friend Chest is now available in store for Level >80 players as well.

Valentine Celebrations- Flash Gifts, Special Ad Chest, Dynamic Duo Event

See you in the Arena!