Character Refreshes

With Client Update 19.0 going live, we have a handful of character refreshes for you! Be sure to go to our Official Discord Channel and tell us who your favorite refresh is…and who you think should be next!

Also Note: there will be a 19.1 fix to amend the level requirements in the near future.


Basic – Chance guaranteed in Raids.

Basic – If they already have 3 Slow, instead inflict Stun. Raid bosses instead take (really high damage).

Special A – Inflict Slow and Defense Down for 4 turns.

Special A – In raids, this move has +100% Potency.

Special A – If they were already Slow, Stun. Raid bosses instead take (really high damage).

Special A – Speed Meter guaranteed in Raids.

Special B – Cleanse first. Restores 20% + 10% per Harmful Effect

Special B – Stasis down to 1 turn. Also grant Haste for 1 turn.

Special B – On Stasis end, grant Critical Chance Up, and Crit Power Up for 2 turns.

Special B – On Stasis end, grant X Undefeatable

Passive – Add a Magic cost (1)

Passive – 30% chance when Slow is inflicted on an opponent, dealing damage. If they are still Slow, Stun. Raid bosses instead take (Really High Damage)

Queen of Hearts

  • Basic – Deal +100% damage to summons.
  • Special A – Purge first.
  • Special A – Damage is increased per effect Purged (max 3.)
  • Special A – 10% chance to inflict Silence (guaranteed in Raids.)
  • Special A – Call Card Soldiers to assist.
  • Special B – Summon {2} Card Soldiers at adjacent locations.
  • Special B – Soldiers immediately take a turn.
  • Special B – Card Soldiers deal more damage per Helpful Effect (up to 5)
  • Special B – When a card soldier is defeated, restore 1 Magic to this ability.
  • Passive – 10% chance to activate (guaranteed in Raids.) (Use Tactics)
  • Passive – Gain Crit Chance Up for 1 turn.



  • BASIC – Increase Speed Meter reduction upgrade to 10% (20% total now instead of 15%)
  • SPECIAL B – If Charm is resisted, grant Continuous Healing to 2 additional teammates.
  • PASSIVE – Guaranteed to activate in Raids (unless killed by Instant Kill.)


  • BASIC – 10% chance to inflict Sleep, guaranteed in Raids.)
  • Special A – Reduce target’s Magic by 1 in Raids.


The Horned King

  • Black Cauldron reduces enemy’s Speed Meter by 20%.
  • Increased stats on Cauldron Born.
  • Passive A – Upgrade now grants bonus damage to summons in addition to granting it to The Horned King.


Oogie Boogie

  • Special A – In raids, inflict Slow for 4 turns instead. (+2)
  • Special B – In raids, guaranteed to inflict Silence on all opponents instead.
  • Special B – Gain Crit Immunity for 2 turns.
  • Passive – When this character restores Health to himself with this ability, cleanse 1 random Harmful Effect.


Jack Skellington

  • Special A – All harmful effects on this ability have +200% Potency.
  • Special A – In raids, inflict Fear for 4 turns instead. (+2)
  • Special B – Grant the target Taunt and Defense Up for 1 turn.
  • Special B – In raids, increase Taunt and Defense Up to 2 turns.
  • Passive – In raids, inflict Offense Down for 3 turns instead. (+2)




Basic – In raids, inflict additional DoTs (+2).


Basic – With each hit, grant this character +30% Speed Meter.


Special A – If this move defeats an enemy, take an extra turn.


Special A – In raids, gain 2 Magic to this ability.


Special B – In raids, inflict Blind for 3 turns instead. (+2)