Release Notes – PvP Changes


We have some exciting updates coming (Server Side).

PvP Exchange, PvP Arena and Currency Update –

PvP currency is only earned in Sorcerer’s Tournament

PvP currency renamed to “Tournament Coins”

PvP Exchange is now called, “Tournament Exchange”

Tournament Exchange now has exclusive characters such as: Hades, Shan Yu, Mor’du, and Merlin (5250 Currency for 3 Tokens)

Additional Characters – Ariel, Big Bad Wolf, Kronk, Jangles, Anger, Madam Mim, Sheriff of Nottingham, Tinker Bell, Judy Hopps, Dr. Facilier, Monterey Jack (3000 Currency for 2 Tokens)

PvP Daily Quest now pays out 500 Gold

Tournament Daily Quest now pays out 500 Tournament Currency

PvP Seasonal Rewards will be changed to Robin Hood Tokens

PvP Pack Contents have changed to:

Characters –

Aladdin “One Jump Ahead” – Bug fixed, and Jasmine now assists Aladdin as intended

Merlin, Mor’du, and Shan Yu now unlock at 3*

Hades unlocks at 4*

Spells –

Fairy Slumber – Fixed Level 4 upgrade, now functions as intended, description has been adjusted

Golden Hammer – Fixed issue with 2 -> 3 Upgrade and now functions as intended


Tower Exchange Adjustments

Certain stages had level caps adjusted to make for a smoother progression

Adjusted some character jump back animations

Adjusted some character damage animations

Gear in the Tower Exchange has been adjusted

Various Bug Fixes

Various Tutorial Bug Fixes