Update 8.0 Is Here!


We are beyond pumped to bring you Update 8.0. There are a lot of amazing changes that come with the update, so let’s break it down:

  • Turn-Based Combat: more strategic battles with the combat pace and tactics entirely in your hands!
  • PvP: competitive PvP Arena mode remains synchronous, giving each player time to execute their actions.
  • Larger team size: You can now battle with FIVE characters on your team!
  • Combat effects: the new turn-based system showcases individual character moments and enhances their interactions with other characters.
  • High-definition battlegrounds: lush new battlefields, including new camera angles to experience your team’s action in a whole new way!
  • New spell system: spells now charge independently and when available, can be cast at any time when ready during your turn allowing for more tide-turning moments in battle!
  • Updated UI
  • Detailed character stats
  • Big fixes and other improvements

We value your support and welcome your feedback regarding these updates!

Join us on Discord: bit.ly/DSADISCORD