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Sorcerer’s Arena Codex

Greetings, Summoners!

See this guide for an in-depth look at some of our game’s features.


Collect Enchanted Gear from battling in the Campaigns and Summoner Challenges.

Gear provides large stat increases as well as Ability unlocks. Once you have equipped all 6 slots for a Character, they can be Tiered Up to the next Gear Tier.

Club Dungeon

Join a club and reach player level 10 to access the Club Dungeon! Battle your way into the depth of the Club Dungeon by working with your club to find the correct path. Club Dungeons last 7-days and your attempts are refreshed with the daily server reset.

Club Conquest

Join a club and reach level 20 to take part in a Club Conquest! Register for your battle between Friday and Saturday then battle it out for victory against two other clubs for exclusive rewards including Davy Jones.

Passholder Seasons

Complete Passholder Quests and activities to earn Passholder XP. Earning Passholder XP increases your season Tier level. Increase your Tier level to earn rewards!

Upgrade at any time during the season to Passholder Gold to instantly collect all gold tier rewards that you have unlocked. This means if you have reached Tier 15 on the free track, upgrading to gold will instantly award you all Gold rewards from Tiers 2-15, as well as access to Gold Quests!

Sorcerer’s Tournament

Summoners battle in the Sorcerer’s Tournament for the top ranks. Choose your defense lineup to defend your position. This is important because each day you will receive an inbox message with Gems based on your rank as of 9pm local time.

To increase your rank, take aim at an opponent and defeat them in battle. When you win, you will take their place!

Reach the top 10 to earn exclusive Hades tokens.